About Us

UltimateFoodies is the culmination of many discussions talking about which cup cake recipe to try, which chocolate cake is better and do you have a decent Pad Thai recipe…. All we have done is to take our conversation online, share it and ask you all to join in….

We are not chefs or not from the food industry. We are basically, “Foodies”…. We love spending our spare time looking for the best ingredients, recipes, cookbooks and of course in the kitchen.

With UltimateFoodies we are looking to create a community where we can all share what we find…. It’s a community where we can help each other. Most of all UltimateFoodies is there for us to share our own accomplishments and to show others how to get there.…

UltimateFoodies exists based on contributions from you our foodie community. Only members of our foodie community can comment on and rate others foodies recipes…

Come on and join us and help us help everyone.

Lindsay and Scott

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