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Thai Money Bags (Thung Tong)

Time Preperation:2.00 | Cooking: 5--6 mins
Serves: 12-15

This recipe takes a bit of prep but it is so worth it, the trick is to set aside a morning, prep well (order of prep provided) and take your time. Come dinner you will be the toast of your Thai table.

This is the perfect recipe to celebrate Songkran or Thai New Year (April 12-15th 2010) – don’t forget to greet your guests with a rousing Suk san-wan Songkran! (Happy New Year)

These delicate morsels made with love will make you the undisputed host/ess with the mostess..

Order of Prep
If using dried shitake, reconstitute in hot water and then drain on paper towel
Drain water chestnuts on paper towel
Prepare noodles by immersing in boiling water for a few minutes then remove and drain well

*These three ingredients need to be fairly dry, if not there will be too much moisture in the mix and it will spit like mad when the bags hit the hot oil (read: learned through experience)

I cannot guide you on the proportions for the coriander root, pepper and garlic as it depends on your taste, but you definitely need the coriander root for the oil content, the pepper and garlic you can adjust to taste. Most retailers remove coriander roots for aesthetic reasons, you might have to give your grocer a call to be guaranteed a supply, of course Asian grocers should have a plentiful supply.

I always buy my pastry from Asian stores, you will find it in the large supermarkets, however in my experience the sheets are always huge, and it really is enough to prep this recipe without having to cut pastry to size as well.

As with all Thai food balance is everything, before filling your bags, put a small amount in the microwave for 15-30 seconds and have a taste test, that way you can adjust the mix if need be before filling and tying.

For tying the money bags there really is no substitute for small children (little fingers), if you find you are not in possession of one of these diminutive and helpful beings, do not panic, your dexterity will improve in leaps and bounds by the time you have tied your 50th bag!

This recipe should be enjoyed with a helping of Naam Jim Kai or sweet chilli sauce. Please take the time (about 10 mins) to make your own, or at the very least buy it from a decent Thai takeaway, there is no comparison with that which you buy off shelf. I’ll post a recipe soon, and its child’s play I promise.


15 sheets spring roll pastry
60g minced pork/chicken/veal
60g minced prawns
20g glass noodles
1.5 tsp mix of coriander roof, garlic and white peppercorn
1 tbsp shitake mushroom
1tbsp water chesnut finely chopped
10 Garlic Chives blanched

1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp oyster sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp fish sauce


All minced and/or pounded ingredients in bowl

All seasoning ingredients and noodles in bowl.

Mix well

From pastry sheets cut 2 sheets into small squares about 1 inch square

Lay out whole sheets and place smaller square piece approximately central on the sheet

Fill with about 1 teasp of the filling mix

Fold over sheet in a triangle and bring ends together to form a bag

Tie neck of bag with chive.

Fry in hot oil until golden brown

Serve with Naam Jim Kai or sweet chilli sauce Recipe Here

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