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Thai Street Food

Book Author: David Thompson
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Thai Street Food provides us a book full of recipes for the unique food that can only be found on from street hawkers and night markets in Thailand.

David Thompson captures all the wonderful Thai flavours and colours within each recipe.  Most of these recipes will mean a trip to your local Thai or Asian grocer before attempting. 

The recipes within Thai Street Food are easy to follow and quite instructional.  Each recipe has a full page sized image accompanying it that will make you want to start preparing and cooking straight away.

On top of the photos for each recipe, the book also has many photos from everyday life in Thailand.  If you have ever been to Thailand, these photos will trigger all of the wonderful memories from your last trip.  David Thompson has also given us a great insight into the everyday life of the average Thai.

This would be great addition to your cook book library if you love Thai food 

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