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Short Soup

Time Preperation:5 | Cooking: 10

Simple for these cooler evenings, flavoured stock means no chopping garlic, ginger lemongrass and doing the whole frying off thing when you are in a hurry - read: hungry. Add these flavours to your stock when you make it and then its there in all its frozen wonder when you need it.

If you are using bought stock then simply chop a few aromatics and fry off in the work prior to proceeding with the rest of the recipe - no big deal either way.

Warms the cockles of the heart!


Flavoured Stock
Fresh veg - strips of carrot, green beans
Water Chesnut or bamboo shoots
Dried Noodles
(A few Thung tong (Money Bags) - optional


In your wok heat some stock and add vegies bring to boil
Add prawns and allow to cook for a couple of minutes
Add Money bag if using
Add noodles for last 2 mins if using dried) or to heat through if you used fresh noodle
Garnish with coriander

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