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Mussaman Curry Beef Shanks

Time Cooking: 10:00+
Serves: 2-4

Slow cooked beef shanks alone are hard to beat. this slow cooked mussaman curry beef shank recipe is really good. Try this mussaman curry beef shank recipe, you will love it.


750g Beef shanks
600ml coconut milk (may need more)
250ml coconut cream
3 tbsp Mussaman curry paste recipe here
2 tbsp Thai fish sauce
1 tbsp palm sugar
4 tbsp tamarind juice
6 green cardamom pods
1 cinnamon stick
1 large potato, about 225g/8oz, cut into even chunks
1 onion, cut into wedges
1/2 cup roasted peanuts


Trim off any excess fat from the beef shanks

Pour coconut milk into a slow cooker or heavy pan over medium heat and warm coconut milk

Add the beef, reduce the heat to low, and cook for around 7-8 hours in a slow cooker or a 1-2 hours in a pan or until tender.

Transfer the coconut cream to a separate pan. Cook over a medium heat, stirring constantly, for about 5 minutes, or until it separates.

Stir in the Mussaman curry paste and cook rapidly for 2-3 minutes, until fragrant and thoroughly blended.

Return the coconut cream and curry paste mixture to the pan with the beef and stir until thoroughly blended. Simmer for a further 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Stir the fish sauce, sugar, tamarind juice, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick, potato chunks and onion wedges into the beef curry.

Continue to simmer for a further 1-2 hours in a slow cooker or 15-20 minutes in a pan, or until the potato is cooked and tender.

Add the roasted peanuts to the pan and mix well to combine. Cook for about 5 minutes more, then transfer to warmed individual serving bowls

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