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Rocky Road

Rocky Road recipe

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I can't believe something so simple to make can taste so good!

A chocolatey treat you can make using whatever ingredients you have in the cupboard.


11oz milk chocolate
4½ oz plain chocolate
4oz unsalted butter
3oz mini marshmallows (or marshmallows cut in to small chunks)
4oz digestive biscuits, broken into small pieces
4oz raisins
You could use nuts, glace cherries etc instead of the raisins


Melt the chocolate and butter over a low heat (using a bowl over gently simmering water).

Break up the biscuits into small pieces.

Add the biscuits, marshmallows and raisins to the melted chocolate mixture.

Pour the mixture into an 8" square tin and put in the fridge to cool.

Chop into small squares.

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