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Red Duck Curry

Time Preperation:0:20 | Cooking: 0:45

I love this red curry. Try it with other meats if you dont like duck. Either way this red curry is a real winner.


2 duck maryland (thigh and leg of duck)
3 cups coconut milk
1 cup coconut cream
1 teaspoon-1 tablespoon palm sugar
2 tablespoons fish sauce
4 kaffir lime leaves, torn
2 long green chillies, diagonally sliced
handful of Thai basil leaves
3 tablespoons of red curry paste recipe here


Bone the duck and cut the meat into 1 cm cubes.

Wash the bones, then chop and simmer in the coconut milk for 30 minutes.

Strain, add the coconut cream to this coconut milk, bring to the boil and add the meat.

Simmer gently until meat is tender and cream is oily – about 10 minutes (it may be necessary to add a little water to ensure that it is not too oily), then remove from the heat.

Spoon about a tablespoon of the coconut cream and oil from this pot into a separate pan.

Fry 3 tablespoons of the paste in this, moistening often with more coconut cream from the other pot, until fragrant.

Season with palm sugar and fish sauce. Incorporate all the coconut liquid and duck, and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Add lime leaves, chillies and basil. Check the seasoning: this rather rich, oily and spicy curry should taste salty, hot and sweet.

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