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Crème brûlée cheesecake

Crème brûlée cheesecake recipe

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Totally delicious. Another winner from Lindsay who would knock spots off the contenstants in the programme BBC Great British Bake Off.

This creamy cheesecake does not require baking and is really easy to make.


For the base
300g digestive biscuits
75g unsalted butter (melted)
1 tablespoon (UK 15ml) golden syrup

For the filling
15g sachet powdered gelatine
375g cream cheese
3 egg yolks
75g caster sugar
575ml double cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 vanilla bean (scrape the seeds out)
2 punnets raspberries

For the topping
3-4 heaped tablespoons golden caster sugar (or enough to cover the whole top)


For the base
Whizz the biscuits in a food processor until they are coarse crumbs. Stir in the melted butter and golden syrup.

Press over the base of a 24cm loose bottom tin and put in the fridge to chill.

For the filling
Sprinkle the gelatine over 3 tablespoons cold water, leave until spongy, then microwave for a few seconds to melt. Stir until clear.

Put the soft cheese, egg yolks, vanilla seeds and sugar into a clean food blender and whizz until smooth.

Beat the cream with the vanilla extract until it becomes starts to become thick and form soft folds (do not overbeat it).

Stir the cream into the cheese mixture, along with the gelatine.

Take the base out of the fridge and scatter the raspberries over it.

Pour the cheese mix over the base and refrigerate for an hour.

Next time I make it, I will spoon some of the filling on the base, then add the raspebrries and then pour the rest of the base over it so that the creamy filling goes all the way to the base.

When the filling is chilled, put a light sprinkling of sugar over the top and brown with a blowtorch.

Refrigerate for a few hours to set before serving.

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