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Haggishroom Neeps and Tatties


This could serve 4-5 people or more it really depends on the amount of mushrooms you use. For a lady, one haggis mushroom is perfect and for a man 2 is perfect. Men do seem to be able to eat more than us girls. However, I have a separate tummy for ice-cream alltogether :) I am untouchable!!! hahahahahahhaha!

Ultimate Foodies Tip from Lindsay: For your own unique whisky, try blending your own at It's fun and makes a great personalised gift.


For the Main event;
1 haggis
5-6 portobello mushrooms (the big ones)
packet of cheese of your choosing (grated) (I used cheddar from the supermarket)
Chives dried or fresh for a garnish

dash of milk, butter, salt and pepper

Dauphinoise Potatoes
3-4 red rooster potatoes (any variety is fine)
a small deep pyrex dish
milk - 120ml
philadelphia cheese (1/3 of a tub)
leftover creme fraiche (this is about 2 tbsps and replaces the need for single cream. better for the heart this is) :0)
1 level tbs of corn flour
7 cloves of garlic, minced
dash of oil (olive or vegetable)
grated cheese for the top

120ml of a whisky of your choice

peppercorn sauce mix (premade if you don't have hundreds of time)


pour 25 ml of whisky and place in a pot to make up with the pepper sauce later.
pour 50 ml of whisky into a glass and drink.

Then start slicing the potatoes as thinly as you can. Keep slicing until its all done.
place into a pot of boiling salt water for 4 minutes and then take off the boil and leave to cool pot lid on(this is to de-starch the potatoes and par-cook them a tiny bit)
Then take a milk pan. You are going to make the sauce for the dauphinoise.
take the onion (one large one would do) and dice as finely as you can. Then stick it in the milk pan.
Add a wee dash of oil to the milk pan. Mince the garlic.
Take a rolling pin and bash the onion and garlic as hard as you can for about a minute.

Take a breather and pour another 50ml of whisky. Drink this as you cook to revive yourself as you go along.

Then turn on the ring/gas and cook for about 2 minutes and then add the philadeplphia, creme fraiche and milk
cook until the philadelphia is all melted and it resembles a liquid. add a little bit of cornflour. cook on stove for 4 mins til it thickens.

Take the pyrex dish and by now the water will be cooler. drain potatoes and put a single layer on the bottom of the dish.
Then ladel over the potion you have made in the milk pan with the garlic, onions, philadelphia, milk, creme fraiche and cornflour.
Then add another layer of potatoes. Then ladel more potion. Then layer until you get to the top.
Sprinkle cheese over the top the way you would macaroni cheese. Then sprinkle some green herbs of your choosing. I used mixed herbs from my spice rack (the best xmas pressie for a foodie ever!!! Thanks Jen)

Then insert to a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 55 minutes. Set a timer. You might think its an obvious one but guessing can go frightfully wrong.

Now the hardest bit is done. Have another whisky to congratulate yourself. 25ml this time. add water to change how the whisky tastes.

put the turnip on to cook. self explanitory.However!!! Add one potato to the boiling pot. chop into tiny pieces and place in boiling water with some salt in. When its all ready, mash everything including the potato you have added, adding some butter and a dash of milk and salt and pepper to it. You may wish to give the mashing job to a house guest as it keeps them amused.

I have heard supermarkets have pre-made turnip mash. I think this would be fine too if you couldn't be bothered.

Take the haggis. Slice it, taking the metal clips and ALL THE PLASTIC/ Sheeps tummy casing off if you have got a "real"one.
put on a microwaveable plate. Microwave for 6 minutes and leave to sit in the microwave while you prep the mushrooms.

Cover a metal oven dish with foil. Then place the portobello mushrooms upside down stalk end facing the ceiling.
Then take the haggis out the microwave and leave to cool so its touchable. Then wash your hands again and put haggis all over the mushrooms so you can't see the stalk or anything. a good thick layer of haggis is good. pat it down with your fingertips and make sure the edges are covered with haggis.

Then sprinkle with cheese and then chives for a garnish.

Stick in the oven for the last 20 minutes of the timer that was set for the dauphinoise.

This is now a 15 minute break to have another whiskey or two.

With 5 minutes to go, take the whiskey you set aside at the beginning and make the peppercorn sauce according to the instructions on the packet/find some recipe online if you are more holistic than me. add the whisky to the peppercorn sauce.

Get a responsible less tipsy person to take things out of the oven with oven gloves. The oven gloves are very important.
Then serve and eat with you guessed it... a whiskey and some irn bru.

A light dessert would be good with this one.... its a very rich meal.

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