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Butternut Squash Balti


I made this up. I figured the lonely Butternut Squash in my living room was definitely not an ornament and needed to be used as a vegetable. ENJOY xxxxxxxx


1 Butternut Squash (the title really gives it away. Use the butternut squash sitting in your fruitbowl (?) or fridge)
1 Red Onion diced (Try wearing swimming goggles to stop it hurting your eyes!)
small tin of chickpeas (about 52p- don't pay more than that!)
1 orange pepper chopped into squares
chopped spring onions
1 tin of chopped tomatoes (the price here varies but a tin of tomatoes is a tin of tomatoes)
indian balti curry paste
coriander (fresh or dried ground)
turmeric, chilli powder, (pinches of the spices- if using fresh coriander apply liberally)
Creme Fraiche (i used low fat. I don't think there's any difference really but leaning on the healthy side is cool)
Vegetable stock 2 mugfuls.

Rice (read instructions on packet and do eeeeeet!)


Basically, add the chopped read onions, spices, coriander, chick peas (cluck cluck!) and butternut squash to a large pot with a teeny tiny tbsp of vegetable oil.
Cook for 15 minutes. An egg timer would come in handy.
Add the curry paste and swirl around.
Add the tinned tomatoes, vegetable stock and chopped spring onions.

Bring to the boil and then simmer until the butternut squash is cooked and the volume of liquid is reduced by a third. (no exact volume is needed here, just til it looks thicker)

During this bit of time I ate poppadoms with mango chutney and watched Wipeout.

Add the craime fraiche and swirl until the colour changes consistently.

It should smell brilliant by now. Then cook (microwave- ahem!!) rice and put on plate. Add cooked curry to plate and perhaps add some creme fraiche to the side of the plate incase its a bit spicy.

Its a really healthy, tasty tea midweek that takes a wee 30 mins to make.

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