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Swiss cookies


This recipe came from a Swiss colleague who baked these for us at work. It is an old family recipe.


200 grams of Flour (sifted twice)
150 grams of Unsalted Butter
100 grams of Ground Almonds
100 grams of Icing sugar


Mix it all up. The dough will not "bind" properly, i.e. will be a bit crumbly (short). Therefore don't roll it out, but form the cookies by hand.

Create a ball of aprox. 2 cm diameter and then roll into a short cylinder.
To bake, place the cookies on parchment paper, then place the cylinder onto the parchment paper and press it down, i.e. flatten it towards the desired shape.
It is easier to shape it on the paper than in your hands. Flip the cookie upside down once when shaping.

When placing the cookies on the tray, make sure they have enough space to expand, they can almost double in size.

They should take somewhere between 6-10 minutes at 180 Celcius. If you have a very effective fan oven, lower the temperature to 170 or even 160.

Watch the cookies after 5 minutes in the oven and take them out when they are just showing a bit of browning. They will still be soft! They harden as they cool.


The coating is "Vanilla sugar" which you can make ahead of baking.

Use a sealable container (tupperware) that can hold at least 100 grams of Granulated sugar.
Split a vanilla pod an scrape out the seeds and rub them into the sugar for good distribution (as the seeds tend to clump). Put the sugar into the container including the pod and let it stand for a few days. This intensifies the vanilla aroma of the sugar.

When the cookies come out of the oven, let them cool for a couple of minutes on a cooling rack, but only until they start to harden. They should still be warm. Then turn them in the vanilla sugar so they get a good coating. (The sugar sticks better if the cookies are still warm.)

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