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Vanilla Ganache Chocolates

Vanilla Ganache Chocolates recipe

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Serves: 30-40 individual chocolates

This recipe for the vanilla ganache chocolate is a winner. You bite through a crisp outer shell into beautiful white chocolate ganache. Everyone loves this vanilla ganache chocolate recipe.


250g cream
1 vanilla pod
50g glucose
500g white chocolate
30g butter

chocolate for coating (usually around 400g)

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Bring the cream and a cut vanilla pod, glucose to the boil.

Pour onto the chocolate and blend into a homogeneous ganache.

Allow to cool to approximately 30°C (86 °F) before folding in the room-temperature butter.

I use a small baking tray, lined with cling film to be a mould for the ganache.

Once crystallised cut into cubes, then cover with the chocolate of your choice. I like to use a darker chocolate as it works well with the white ganache. Dont melt all the chocolate at once for the coating. melt half and see if you need more.

Alternatively pipe the ganache into chocolate lined mould then once ganache has crystallised seal the moulds with chocolate of your choice.

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