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Shortbread Kisses

Shortbread Kisses recipe

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Once you have 1 you need to have another they are that good
Serves: 30 chocolates

The combination of ultimate shortbread recipe and ultimate ganache recipe. A soft crisp chocolate outside, gooey centre, and crunchy shortbread base.


1 quantity shortbread recipe here
1 quantity chocolate ganache recipe here
500g chocolte for coating


Make shortbread as per shortbread recipe here leaving out coating the shortbread with sugar.

Make chocolate ganache as per ganache recipe here

Place ganache in fridge so as it sets a little.

Using a piping bag, top each shortbread biscuit with ganache

Place the ganache topped shortbread in the fridge to set a little

Slowly melt chocolate in a bowl sitting above a saucepan of simmering water.

Coat each ganache topped shortbread with melted chocolate and place in fridge.

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