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Basic white wine and fish sauce

Time Preperation:00:10 | Cooking: 00:10

This white wine and fish sauce recipe goes well with any fish.


150ml Dry White Wine
150ml Fish Stock
250ml Double Cream
50ml Noilly Prat
20g Chopped Shallots
30g Button Mushrooms
2 White Peppercorns' lightly crushed
Lemon Juice
Small Piece of Bay leaf
Sea Salt
Cayenne Pepper


In a stainless steel pan bring the wine, vermouth and fish stock to the boil and add the shallots and mushrooms.

Reduce by two thirds then add the cream.

Return to the boil and add the peppercorns and bay leaf, reduce by one third and check the seasoning adding a little lemon juice if needed.

Strain through a fine sieve and cool, store in a covered container

This is great served with Honey, Whisky & Dill Roasted Salmon recipe here

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