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Chocolate Hot Cross Buns


I really like this Chocolate Hot Cross Buns recipe beacuse it uses a basic dough with not much else added, but still leaves you plenty of room for imagination and allows you to use whatever is in the pantry. Another reason I like this Chocolate Hot Cross Buns recipe is because I have a very basic kitchen (no oven!) so it is one of the few good recipes that I've been able to adapt for cooking in a hooded bbq.

PS even though my photo will show that my icing skills have gone west, the chocolate icing is a delicious addition.


300ml milk
14gr yeast
1000g plain flour
Ground cinamon
90g butter
Smashed up Chocolate bits or those prepared discs - you be the judge as to the amount and type of chocolate, I used about 300g
125g caster sugar
1 egg
Extra Chocolate for icing


Dry ingredients
Rub butter into flour and cinamon until you have the consistency of breadcrumbs, then add your chocolate (I guess you could add fruit as well if you wanted).

Wet Ingredients
Add the yeast to the milk after you have warmed the milk in the microwave for 1 min. Wait about 5 mins until it gets quite foamy. Add the egg to this mix and whisk it up a little.

Add wet ingredients to dry to get a light dough, it should feel quite soft.
Turn out onto a floured surface and knead for about 5-7 mins until the dough feels elastic.
Then place the dough into a bowl that has been sprayed with oil and cover with clingwrap and place somewhere warm for about 45mins - 1 hour.

After proving punch to dough to expel the air and knead for a few minutes then cut into portions. I got 15 quite decent buns from this mix.

Then put the buns on a greased baking tray taking care to put them quite close together so they will knit together as they prove for the second time. This time cover them loosely and give them until the reach a nice size for baking - about 30 mins.

Put them in a hot oven at 220 for about 10 mins and then turn them down to 180 to finish out, takes about another 5-7 minutes.

Once baked you can ice them in whatever way you choose, I used extra melted chocolate.

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