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Cherry Cake

Time Cooking: 1:00

This cake is based on my recollection of a recipe I came across for a sour cherry cake. I have made it in the syle of a teacake, and used the lefover cherry juice for a glaze which I poured over the cake as it cooled. The glaze was not in the original recipe I just didn't know what else to do with the juice. I used flour but I guess you could play around with a flourless version of this too.


1 jar morello cherries or other cherries, very well drained
A little cinamon sugar (tbsp sugar to tsp cinamon)

225g butter
1.3 cups sugar
3 eggs
Good splash vanilla extract
2.5 cups flour sifted
2 tsp baking powder

Reserve juice of cherries, I used 1 cup juice, .5 cup sugar reduced to syrup


Cream butter and sugar with splash of vanilla until light and fluffy
Add eggs one by one until well combined
Fold in flour

Pour this (thick) batter into a 25cm springform tin, well lined.
Then push your cherries into the cake until you've used them all, push them well down, as the batter will rise around them.
Before putting in the oven sprinkle with cinamon sugar.
Bake at 190C for an hour (or so, will depend on the cake), its finished when a skewer comes out clean.
Then once removed and cooling ladel the glaze across the top.
Try to resist the temptation to cut the cake before it has cooled.

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