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Prawn Pesto Pasta

Time Preperation:00:20 | Cooking: 00:15
Serves: 2

This prawn pesto pasta is really easy to make. Instead of prawn pesto pasta, try adding some different seafood like calamari or other seafood.


200g prawns devein and pealed
200g pasta of your choice
1 small onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
3-4 tbsp of basil pesto
2 tbsp cream

Seafood not for you?? Try the Chicken Pesto Pasta


Bring a pasta pot or heavy base saucepan of well-salted water to the boil and cook pasta as per manufactures instructions until al dente

Slice the onion into small pieces

In a large heavy based frying pan sauté the onions until they are translucent

Add in prawns and cook through

Reduce heat and add in cooked pasta.

Stir through the pesto and cream, adding more pesto or cream to taste.

Serve with grated or shaved parmesan.

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